60 Minute Makeover


The team at The Vintage Dove were over the moon when we were asked to supply 6 dining room chairs for Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover. We received the call on Tuesday 17th June 2014 and jumped at the chance to be involved.  We had 9 days to find, collect, paint and upholster the chairs before the programme was to be filmed.  I managed to find 2 sets of chairs on the day of the call, it took 2 days for the chairs to be approved by the designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard who was in LA at the time. Martyn and the team picked the chairs below but we were told as it was a round table, the carver arms would have to be removed, an extra job in our very tight schedule.

Stephen collected the chairs on Thursday evening and the chairs were stripped, arms removed and ready to upcycle by Saturday evening.  We had to wait until Monday morning for the fabric to be delivered so that we could select the right colour to paint the chairs.  After lots of debates about colour 3 of the chairs were painted and ready for upholstering.  

My friend and upholstery expert Angela upholstered the chairs with myself and Tracey assisting.  Before this my upholstery skills were very basic but I have now had an intensive course and enjoyed helping Angela in finishing the chairs.  The chairs were upholstered over 3 evenings, once Angela had finished her day job, with the final chair being finished at 10.30pm on Wednesday night then loaded in the van for delivery the following morning.

On the day of the makeover my friend Liza and I set off to deliver the chairs.  On arrival we were greeted by the designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  I was so nervous about meeting him, what if he didn't like the chairs or I had got the colour completely wrong.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he told me he loved them and that they would be the main feature of the room.  He then introduced me us to Peter Andre and I had my photo taken with both of them.  I was happy my work was done.  I could walk away proudly knowing I had got the chairs right and I had the picture I wanted, all within 20 minutes of arriving.

We stuck around to see what was going on through out the day.  As we were just sitting around just watching people toing and froing we thought we should offer our help.  Not long after that we were in the white t-shirts and blue dungarees being filmed for part of an upcycle feature, upcycing boring normal jars with moss and fairy lights.

Shortly after we were asked to paint a console table made by Aspect Joinery.  The colour of the wood did not quite fit in with the room but being such a gorgeous table I could see why Martyn wanted to keep it in the makeover.  Lucky enough I had taken my furniture first aid kit of paint, brushes and wax and got on with painting the table to match the chairs we had already painted.

We carried on helping right up to the end, loading boxes on the lorries to clear before the big reveal.

Sarah-Jayne Woods looked so shocked when she arrive home and saw Peter Andre outside her home and a camera put straight into her face.  She seemed over the moon with her makeover and sent me a message to thank me for the chairs.

Liza and I managed to get a quick selfie with Peter before he left to get back home to his kids.  We had the most amazing day. Anyone that knows me will know that home interiors is a big passion of mine and to be part of a home makeover programme is like a dream come true.  The team at 60MM were amazing, they made us feel so welcome and part of the team.  We met some really lovely people.  I would do this all again tomorrow if I could.

I love my job and want to thank everyone that supported me during this hectic time.

Oh and yes Peter is as nice as he seems on TV!!

The show is due to be aired in November 14


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