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An introduction to "I age wood"™ by Ian Cheetham:

"I age wood"™ came about as so many products do, from necessity. As a Designer and Shopfitter with 25 years experience I was unhappy with the choice of wood ageing agents and stains available on the market that purported to age wood. None were able to give new wood a genuine aged patina without looking like new wood that had been stained. I experimented with various ingredients in an effort to concoct a product capable of achieving the look I desired. After much experimentation I found a formula that reacted with the woods' emzymes giving a fantastic natural looking patina.

I have happily brewed and used my own wood ageing agent over the last few years on my own projects. More recently, through word of mouth, other people have asked to use my 'magic' potion on their own wood distressing projects. I realised that this was a popular and growing trend and so decided to launch "I age wood" as a product in it's own right. Water-based and of natural ingredients, "I age wood"™ is not a stain, varnish or paint. It will react with the wood and affect the woods' patina naturally to give those working with new wood, but desiring an aged and distressed finish, the perfect base result.


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